Useful homepages

** Optimization 
*Introduction to numerical linear algebra in parallel

[code] several L1 solvers

[code] tensor decomposition :

[code] basis pursuit (BP) with denoising version (BPDN) and LASSO in large-scale problem

[code] convex programming (including SDP)

[code] UNLocBoX - Matlab convex optimization toolbox -

** Image processing

* Compressed sensing

* Where is the starlet (WITS)

[code] TV denoising - split Bregman method

[code] Anisotropic TV/L1-L2

[code] variational imaging methods for inpainting, denoising, segmentation, etc.

[code] image demosaicing

[code] image processing ( Xin Li's homepage)

[code] multidimensional decomposition :

[code] partial Fourier reconstruction (L1-Magic)

** Bio medical imaging

*MR artifact & basic principle

[code] MR reconstruction
-Iterative recon for undersampled radial data

[code] mir pulse sequence & reconstruction